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Starting School - feeling left behind?

This picture still pulls at my heartstrings months after my daughter has started school. You can just see her, in the background, with her Daddy waiting for her teacher to arrive for a home visit a few days before she started. I took a moment and watched her play and wondered if it'd all be o.k... if she'd settle in alright and if I would be alright without her. Her most precious toy, Rabbit, also kept a close eye!

However you feel about your child starting school (and not that you need my permission but it's perfectly normal and reasonable to feel any way at all!) it can't be denied that it's a huge moment in both their life and yours.

It's also the start of a new kind of relationship - with your little one's teachers and school. Early education works best when there's a partnership between you, their parent or carers, and their teachers and teaching assistants. You've become a team! Your child will learn and flourish when you're working together in a supportive relationship. Please don't feel shut out of this huge part of your child's world. A new relationship is just beginning and you and your child can thrive happily within it.

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