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Moon Sand - Mellow Lemon Yellow!

To make the moon sand I used:

•peel of one lemon •a tablespoon of ginger •4 cups of flour •1 cup of oil

This is was just mixed together until it clumps together like damp sand. This mellow yellow Moon Sand was lemon and ginger scented for this maths focused try for our Preschooler.

🍋 I left her some challenges to make ‘1 sandcastle’ or ‘3 dump truck loads to make a yellow road’.

🍋 She had a great time counting out to build all sorts of things!

🍋 By the end, she turned the play into a ‘lemon ginger biscuit café’ and our hands smelled delicious! 🍋

We had a lovely sunny day and so were able to play outside. Moon sand can be messy but is lovely and easy to sweep and then hoover up. Playing in a hands-on way is always my daughter's favourite way to learn. She did lots of building and exploring as well as lots of maths without realising it.

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