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Flower Arranging

“Flower arranging is a multi step process that allows the toddler to refine their fine motor skills and practice carrying and pouring water with control - all while adding beauty to the home.”

S.Davies - The Montessori Toddler

You can see some pictures of Poppy doing this activity at 20months old here.

You will need:

•a tray to catch spills

•a cloth or sponge for cleaning up spills

•flowers (I use whatever we have in the garden or cheaper flowers because my daughter may well destroy them!)

•vase or jar

•funnel (optional)

Step by Step:

•they can fill a small jug from the tap

•carry jug to the tray

•carefully pour the water into the vase

•use the cloth to mop up any spills

•carefully add the flowers

•help to place the flowers somewhere they can see and appreciate them.

Suitable for:

•around 18months +

⬆️For older/more able children, try a vase with a smaller opening. They could also cut the flower stems to the right size.

⬇️At around 18months you may need to have the water already poured or help them. You can use a funnel if you have one so they’re more likely to get the water in the right place. A heavier vase will stop it tipping over.

I loved seeing the pride on my child's face when she was able to achieve this real life task and every time she saw the flowers she'd arranged in her own room.

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